Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Tiger in Us

Flee from sexual immorality. I Cor 6: 18.

Tiger Woods had it all---and wanted more.

We are all fatigued by the Tiger Woods story, perhaps the greatest golfer and wealthiest athlete who ever lived, now with his life and his family’s life torn apart by immorality, infidelities and sexual addiction. There, but for the grace of God, go I. Though I have been faithful to my wife throughout our marriage, I am convinced that there is nothing that Tiger Woods has done that I am not capable of but for the grace of God.

We are all sexual creatures, created by God to be so. All of us, therefore, have sexual desires in our lives, some that point us beyond the boundaries which God has ordained. Christian doctors are not immune to such fancy. Many have stepped far outside God’s plan for their sexuality and have hurt both themselves and their families in terrible ways. Others persist in “safe” sexuality such as pornography, as if God was not watching and their character was not being transformed into the likeness of their desire. God’s grace protects us as we face temptation in this world, but He will eventually let us go our own way if we persist. When we are tempted, we need to grab hold of that grace with all of our strength and we need to ask our fellow Christians to help us. We can do so discreetly with those we trust. If we do, we are far less likely to fall prey to Satan’s desire to destroy us through God’s gift of sexuality.

Some of us certainly fail, and many Christian doctors have failed. If we do, we must not confuse God’s refusal to hold us against our will with a withdrawing of the grace that He held out to prevent our sin. The Cross is still there. His arms are still outstretched in forgiveness. He still welcomes us home and He continues to offer his blood both to forgive and to free us from our sin.

Dear God,
Protect me from living outside your boundaries for my life. Let me not destroy the place You have created for me in Your story of redemption. And, when I fail, bring me back to where I can again feel Your love and once again find a place to serve within Your plan. Amen

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