Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Beautiful Than Ever

Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her.
Eph 5:25

When I was running today, the realization struck me that I am more in love with my wife than ever before.

That’s a big statement after 37 years of marriage. Over those years of fun and heartache and passion and distance, we have had some great romantic moments, but more than those I love her now. Why should that be?

Certainly, she is beautiful, more beautiful now than ever.

Certainly she cares for me in wonderful and sacrificial ways---and I hope I do the same for her.

Certainly, she is intelligent, compassionate, skilled and fun to be around.

Certainly, we have passed through great sorrows together and come from those dark times closer in spirit.

But there is more.

I think the reason I love her more than ever is simply a blessing from God. It’s a blessing undeserved, a blessing of grace and I thank Him for His gift.

It may not be coincidental that this expansion of love has come as she and I have learned to walk more deliberately together in following God’s will, as we have held hands down a common road, seeking the same mission in life; hearing God call in the same direction and following together.

It has not always been so. During most of my days I chased after my perception of God’s will and dragged her along with little concern for whatever plan God had intended for her life. But over the past few years God has clearly shown me that, as her spouse, I should sacrifice my dreams for hers---or better yet, together we should seek a common dream from God. We have, and now I love her more than ever.

There’s something about charging together where God beckons that makes a marriage hot. I never really hooked into that until I listened for God’s call in my spouse’s heart.

Dear God,
Just as You have made us one, help us seek Your direction together. Help me set aside my individual dreams for the dream You have for both of us.

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