Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pity Party

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come….” Matt 6:9-10

“Dearly Beloved,

Brother Yang Chen entered into his eternal rest peacefully at 2:12pm Mountain time.

He was resting comfortably in the presence of his wife Alice, brother, sister-in-law Donna and myself bathed in love, prayer, hugs and kisses.

A faithful servant has gone home to be with his heavenly father.”

I woke up this morning in the middle of a pity party with myself as the guest of honor. Work and Christian duty had crowded all the “me” time from my life for quite awhile. Leaving little time for friends or fun and family, always running, always serving other platters with no time left to enjoy my own.

And then I read this e-mail; God had saved it on my computer for such a time as this.

Have you ever had an ”It’s not about me” moment?

Yang Chen, the founder of METS (Medical Evangelism Training and Strategies) was one of those rare non- smokers who developed lung cancer. You can go to the METS website and follow his journey ( He was as human as you and I, and knew the same sense of loss that comes with a fatal diagnosis. As he was setting up his website, he wrote:

“I wondered how I would break the news to my unsuspecting wife and three young children ages 16,10 and 5 years. Who would take care of my family if I died?”

And then he added:

“Perhaps you wonder why I am taking the time while going through cancer treatment to set up this website. My hope is that by opening a window into my experience with cancer, what I share will offer hope and encouragement to others.”

And then, throughout his cancer journey, both on his website and in stories from those who knew him, Dr. Chen’s words and actions cried out, “It’s not about me! It’s about Jesus!” Just as his life had shouted for decades before his death.

That brings me back to my personal pity party ... “It’s not about me. It’s about Jesus.” Enough said.

Dear Father,
Thank you for men and women like Dr. Chen, who walk the walk without letting "self" turn them aside. Let me remember whose kingdom I am praying for and living for.

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