Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mission Notes

For in him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28

As is so often the case when we serve God in ministry, we are blessed beyond our blessing to others. This past week I helped with an inner city mission. Prior to the ministry we enjoyed a short time of worship and were led in singing several songs that I had not heard before. In one of these songs the chorus repeated, “Can’t nobody live without Jesus.” Those words have not since let me go.

“Can’t nobody live without Jesus.” Certainly this is true for homeless alcoholics who have nothing, but is it true for me?

If it’s true for me, it speaks to me of eternal life. I certainly can’t live past my grave without the Cross and His resurrection.

If it’s true for me, it says something about my daily walk through this life. Where do I find the strength to endure? Where do I find peace when my world is in turmoil? Where do I turn when I struggle with the character issues of anger, integrity, sexual desire, greed and pride?

“Can’t nobody live without Jesus.”

If it’s true for me, it says something about my purpose in living, about the goal of my relationships, about my witness to the living presence of Jesus, the Christ .

“Can’t nobody live without Jesus.” Do I live like it’s true for me?

Dear God,
Don’t let me try to live without Jesus, not today, not tomorrow.

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