Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are We Ready?

“Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come” (Mark 13: 33, NIV 1984).

Stephanie had never been concerned much with her personal finances. She focused her career on serving her OB/Gyn patients and left her investments with a money manager. Last week, however, her first granddaughter was born. So when her IRA statement arrived in the mail, with new thoughts of early retirement, she studied the financial statement. Her heart sank. “It will never be enough.”

Stephanie had come to the stark realization that there was a moment of time out there for which she was not prepared.

In Luke 17, Jesus turns to His disciples and speaks of His second coming. Three things He clearly says, “It’s coming;” “You will not know when it’s coming;” and “You’ll know when it gets here.”
Why did Jesus tell us about an event over which we have no control, on a date that we cannot plan?

Three words: Hope, Focus, Preparation

Christ is coming again and, just like Stephanie’s retirement, changes are necessary if we are to live authentically toward that moment.

My Christ,

If you come today, let me be pleasing you when you arrive.

If time is short, let me not waste it.

If time is long, let me help lay the foundation for your throne.

If my time is over, let me hand off the preparations to those who follow.

Whatever my future, let me be confident that it all ends well with you.

Christ is coming again to claim His kingdom. Am I living like I believe it?

Dear God,

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