Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Evry Than You Did"

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you” (Philippians 1:3, ESV).

Thanksgiving morning I checked my phone and found a text message I had not expected:

“Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for evry than you did do for me. Arben”

Arben is a doctor from Albania I have worked with over many years. His English spelling is not great, but he is an excellent physician and his heart is good. He has been in my home and I in his. He is not a Christian, but I hope my witness will someday bring him to the truth.
I was blessed today by his message out of the blue.

To be thanked for our lives is a real blessing. It makes us feel that life is good and feel that it is good we have lived. It gives us a sense that we have been of value to someone. It makes our own burdens of life easier to carry. How often does this happen for us? How often are we reminded that we have been a blessing?

How often have I reminded others that they have been important in my life, so that they may receive the same sense of value? After Arben’s message, I have some very important notes to write. If I were younger, I might use Facebook.

Dear God,
Help me to remind others how important they have been in my life.
You, most of all.

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  1. What an important reminder! This old timer did send out thanks via FB. Hoping it was a blessing to all my friends.