Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dr. Frank

“‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’
And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” (Isaiah 6:8, NIV 2011).

We hosted an annual Albanian Christian medical student conference this year with 150 students, with only one-third of them followers of Christ. The Christian students planned and ran everything as we American doctors provided skill training, financial resources and discussions of God, all leading to Jesus the Christ. This year we invited medical students from Macedonia to join us. Rosica, a beautiful young Christian Macedonian, brought four of her fellow students, none of them Christians.
Rosica was fully engaged in all the sessions, including the Christian messages. After one of my evening messages, describing evidences for God, I was disappointed to learn that Rosica’s four colleagues had skipped the presentation. At dinner that night, I saw them all sitting with Dr. Frank Imbarrato, a Christian American physician who had come with them from Macedonia, and with Hope Johnston, the college-aged daughter of my co-leader from the U.S. They were engaged in a lively conversation. Later I learned that Frank had laid out the entire Christian presentation and that the Macedonians had become fully engaged. One of the students had asked, “Is it that simple; you just have to believe?”
Hope had replied, “You got it! That’s it!”
I know that at least one of those students prayed to ask Christ into his life when he returned to Macedonia.

Are we taking our turns like Frank Imbarrato and Hope Johnston?
Have we ever left our comfortable surroundings and sat with those who differ in order to share the gospel?
I am deeply convinced that our most important work for God in this world happens during our daily walk, our daily work and our daily witness bearing, wherever God has chosen to place us, but:
I am also deeply convinced that most of us need to step out of that role at times and step into a dedicated time on mission for God away from our usual surroundings. We can only do this through God’s direction, but we can ask Him to let us serve Him in special places---places where we can use our skills and also sit around a table to tell people about Jesus. In doing so, we not only take part in the work He is doing for others, we open ourselves to the work He wants to do in us.
Opportunities are everywhere. Truly great opportunities are readily available through CMDA in the mission arms of Global Health Outreach and Medical Education International. If you are not yet involved in such missions, why not ask God if He would send you?

Dear God,
Let me go where you send me.

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