Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Because He Lives

Death has been swallowed up in victory.
Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting? I Cor 15:55

When Mr. Loftin discovered his cancer was incurable, even as a Christian he became despondent and almost vegetative in his depression. He saw his life was nearly over.

One night he was restless and could not sleep so he sat in his den in the dark, overwhelmed by despair. His wife was asleep in their bed.

In that night of darkness he felt a touch on his shoulder, as real as his wife touching him. He turned and saw no one, but he knew who was there and knew he was in the presence of Christ. A peace came over him that moment and lifted his fear and despair. Throughout the remaining days of his life I watched him live with hope and peace; he had felt the presence of the One who would walk with him forever.

This world is not enough.

It’s not enough for those who suffer terribly through their days with death almost a relief.

It’s not enough for those of us who have suffered very little and have had many of our life dreams come true.

It’s not enough for those we leave behind when death has stolen us from their side.
It’s not enough for the guilty, who flourish and never see justice, nor for the good who are persecuted and never rewarded in this life.

It’s not enough for those who spend their lives serving the underserved only to see a thousand faces they will never have time to touch.

This world is not enough. It’s over too soon.

It’s limited by our weakness and trapped by our time schedules and weighed down by our insufficiencies. This world is not enough---and praise God it is not all there is.

Christ has risen from the dead and his rising blows asunder the limitations of this world. Because He rose, I too will rise. Because He rose, I am not alone, ever.

Because He rose, justice triumphs, loved ones meet again, we walk through life with the King at our side---fear loses and love wins.

Dear God,
Let me live the truth of life. You have risen from the dead and that changes everything I know. Let it change everything I do.

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