Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Infinite Value

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Rom 5:8

“During this deployment, a couple of times a day, I will say to a soldier, ‘Have you heard of the Christian doctrine of Imago Deo? So far none has. They give me a funny look and wonder where I am going with this. Then I tell them that this doctrine states that God made man in His own image. Therefore, they are of infinite worth and value. Then I say, ‘That's why I am here, because you are valuable’. In our culture, where value is based on performance and measured by power, position, wealth and fame, most young people have no sense of value. For many, when they hear my words, it is like pouring water on dry sponges.”

James Anderson MD
Serving in Afghanistan

Thank God for the men and women who are willing to serve as soldiers and willing to sacrifice life, limb and family to make my loved ones safe. God be with them and bring them home safely, for they are indeed of infinite value.

Just so, the cocaine addicted, irresponsible patient who came today seeking pain pills is of infinite value. It seems almost sacrilegious to place him on the same page as our military heroes----or maybe it just seems so because I still look at human value based on attributes and contribution. Imago Deo is not a privilege limited to those who deserve our admiration or those who sacrifice their happiness for others. If it were, I might well be left off the list. Paraphrasing C S Lewis, “I have never met a mere mortal.” Every patient I see is as loved and as much valued by God as my son and my daughters and these soldiers, though I do not have the eyes of God and cannot understand.

Every night I pray for the safety of our soldiers and pray that God will bring them home. Every morning I pray for my patients, that God’s love may touch them through my life and that they may be healed. Imago Deo, the image of God, every one of them, every one of us.

Dear God,
I am not worthy and yet, like every man and woman I meet, you love me.
Thank you,

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