Tuesday, August 18, 2015


“Then Jesus said to them, ‘You will all fall away because of me this night…’” (Matthew 26:31, ESV).

I was busy in clinic when I heard the call, “Blue Alert to MRI, Blue Alert to MRI.” We were accustomed to Blue Alerts; I threw up a quick prayer for the patient who had arrested in the MRI machine and continued with my clinic. Later the same day I learned that the Blue Alert was called, not for a patient, but for a radiologist. One of my colleagues had been stabbed repeatedly and sent to the city trauma center. His son had come to visit him at work and attempted to kill him.

Sometimes the pain of the knife is not as great as the pain that comes from loving the one who wields the knife.
Have you ever been hurt by one you love?
Few of us have been literally stabbed, but most of us have shed tears because of one we love who wounded us.
Have you ever been wounded by one you loved who failed to complete a promise?
Or by a person committed to you in relationship who chose to love another instead? Or by a child who drifted away, either in anger or apathy?
Or by someone you cared for who was selfishly cruel?
You and I are not alone in this.
Jesus loved Peter; Jesus loved the rich young ruler; Jesus loved Judas.
Though we pray for reconciliation and the return of the one who hurt us, we may never see that day, or we might.
Either way, we walk hand in hand with the One who hung on the cross alone and died there loving the ones who hurt Him.

Dear God,
When those I love cause me pain, let me, like you, forgive and continue to love.

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